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Dr. Janet A. McLeavey
Professor of Mathematics
Dr. Janet A. McLeavey’s research interests encompass operations research, probability and simulation. She regularly serves as Research Advisor to senior capstone projects in Operations Research and Computer Analysis, with focuses spanning performance and workload analyses of maritime operations and organizations, to maritime operational simulations.

In addition to her service on the U.S. Coast Guard Academy faculty, where she is the senior member of the Academic Faculty, Dr. McLeavey also served as a visiting professor of Mathematics at the University of Rhode Island and as Assistant Professor of Mathematics at Emmanuel College. Dr. McLeavey is a recipient of the U.S. Coast Guard Academy Alumni Association Distinguished Faculty Award.

Dr. McLeavey earned her B.A. in Mathematics from St. Joseph’s College, and her Ph.D. in Mathematics from Indiana University. She also completed graduate work in Statistics and Operations Research at the University of Rhode Island, and participated in the National Science Foundation Summer Research Program at Harvard University.